Print products

Currently you can purchase a selection of photographs shown on this web-site directly from me. Personally I see it as an honour if you buy a print from me. It keeps me going investing and extending my craft. I'd love to hear from you via my contact form. 



Paper and other material

To accomplish the quality I stand for I print all my photographs on fine art paper. The standard size I use is DIN A3: 420mm x 297mm. Please bear in mind that the actual photograph on the paper is a few cm smaller. I do not offer an edge to edge print to support the best available view of the picture. 

In 2017 a small trend emerged as my customers are demanding other materials like prints on alu-dibond or paper laminated on Kappa-plates. Both are generally available for purchase. 


Usually I provide my prints for direct purchase and stock is generally kept low. Please feel free to ask for an estimated delivery date that is mostly about two weeks. 


Limited Edition prints: You can select your photograph and purchase it as an limited edition print that is personally signed and numbered by me. These type of prints always use Hahnemühle paper and are not available for other materials than FineArt paper. 

General Edition prints: These type of prints are also printed on FineArt paper that individually supports the picture. Other possibilities of materials for use include alu-dibond finish and Kappa-plates. 


Special terms

All products must not be reproduced and altered in any way. All items are subject to copyright by me. If you need a special agreement please contact me for further details.